The Lost Letter

Footprint Mysteries Madison Chapter 7 The Lost Letter

"I knew a guy who found a coat just lying in the street. He tried it on but it didn't fit him. I guess he thought he might as well make a few bucks off it, so he up and sold it to one of those used clothes shops. Too bad he didn't check the pockets better.  If he did, he might've kept it." - Unknown

  • Show Up at the Date and Time

    Once you book your date and time, you are set. You will not have to share your time slot ever. There are no further purchases required. Just show up at the starting location at your chosen date and time.

  • Follow the Letter

    Your only guide will be the letter. Following the letter will point you to clues and pieces of the story scattered around downtown Madison.

  • Confirmation Email

    Your confirmation email will contain a link to all the clues and pieces of story you must find. Designate someone to have access to that email while on the experience. That way you can ensure that you found what you needed prior to leaving each location.

  • Mystery Solved

    The clues and story pieces all build on each other to explain the mystery of The Lost Letter.

(5/5 stars) We did the footprint mysteries tour with a group of 5 friends, not knowing what to expect, and let's just say that this is some of the most creative and interactive fun you will have on state street!... highly recommended to check it out and go explore !
- Tico T (Google review)

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