Madison 2018 Summer Cheat Sheet

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Get the Most out of Madison with our 2018 Summer Cheat Sheet

It seems like as soon as you start thinking about what to do with your summer it’s halfway gone. Great weather only lasts so long here in Madison. If you want to take advantage of the summer months you need a game plan.

Put these dates in your calendar to start making plans now, or keep them handy for when you need a good idea.

For the artist in you, don’t miss the Art Fair on the Square on July 14th-15th. Don’t be turned off because you don’t have money to spend on art. Go there and grab a little food and find out what kind of art you really like (when you eventually have money).

Starting May 18th, the MMoCA will restart its Rooftop Cinema season. Bring a fold-up chair or get there early to take in a rare, hard-to-find film. The movies end somewhat early giving you plenty of time to enjoy the night in downtown Madison.

If dance is life for you, be sure not to miss La Fete de Marquette from July 12th-15th. There are tons of acts from various music genres you can get down with, I’m talking West Coast funk to New Orleans marching band. For the wallflowers among us, and heads up there’s no walls, but there’s great food carts and other small carnival activities to check out.

Also, don’t forget to check out the  Monona Terrace  Concerts On The Rooftop concerts starting on May 31. This family-friendly event brings in a different band or DJ throughout the season.

For the sports fans out there, Madison Mallards Baseball returns with their home opener on May 29th. Enjoy the down-home feel of the classic American game. Just be sure to pace yourself in the duck blind.

One very special event is the Top Prospects Double-Header Game scheduled for August 7th. On that date you can see the best of the best, and who knows, maybe do a little deep research for your baseball fantasy team.

Two trained and hardened adults competing in hand-to-hand combat is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you enjoy watching UFC, Bellator, or crazy Russian fighting games on YouTube, then check out Chosen Few Fighting Championships. Their next event is May 5th.

If you’re an athlete who doesn’t want to watch but actually compete, better start training now because there’s several awesome events coming up this summer. Which one is right for you? Use this handy mini-guide below:

  1. I love burpees – The Crossfit Games will be in Madison from August 1st-5th.
  2. I hate burpees – Sneaking in at the end of summer is the Iron Man on September 9th.
  3. So, about that “athletic ability” of mine… – The Loop the Lake bike ride is scheduled for June 15th.

Independence Day is one of our most cherished holidays. It’s warm outside, it’s a federal holiday, and there’s no school for students. While you might be planning a cookout with friends at a local park, don’t forget to head over to Shake The Lake on June 23rd for a firework celebration overlooking lake Monona.

There will be music, street vendors, and you won’t have to worry about taking your friend to the ER over some kind of firework mishap.

For those who like to shop and take in the local scene, don’t miss out on State Street’s Night Market on June 14th. On that day, State Street businesses stay open late so shoppers can enjoy outdoor shopping without sweating through their clothes.

Lastly, if you have a car or gas money then you must get to a Brewers home game and Summerfest. Both are in Milwaukee and both have their schedules up so you can pick which match up, or performance you want to see.

Know someone who digs the music you like? Call them up. Know a rival fan who’s not a jerk? Call them up and have a great time.

Did I miss anything? Hit me up on twitter.

Now, go enjoy your summer.