Limited Openings Available

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We at Footprint Mysteries Madison are happy to say that we now have a limited number of reservations available. Our hours will expand in early 2018.

In the meantime, we will continue working with businesses to expand hours, keep our reservation times updated, and possibly add a new wrinkle or two into the story. We are also meeting with various city/tourism folks who are using their trained eye to troubleshoot any issues with any other logistics.

If you are a writer, or just love stories, we’d love to hear from YOU about our story. The process of this story was born out of many minds and although we may not be able to incorporate your ideas, knowing them could help us in a variety of ways. For instance, it could influence how we market or who we market to.

Additional plans include using social media more often to talk about things that we like and generate content that we think is useful and/or interesting. For example: new stories, things to do in Madison, ideas for you and your friends, and many others. Be sure to follow us on social media. Each one will be used slightly differently, with different frequencies and focus. BTW, don’t you hate it when you follow a brand on several social media and they just link the same quote/link/text? Anyways, here’s a brief rundown of our social links:

Twitter: @FootprintMM – a variety of things going on in Madison, stories about storytelling, upcoming social events

Faceboook: @FootprintMM – slightly longer posts, crafting insights into stories, games, happenings. Entertaining, true-life scenarios with a bit of perspective

Instagram: @FootprintMysteriesMadison – behind the scenes entrepreneur work/dream, writer’s life/work/dream, the quick emotional pings of dealing with technology, people, the world, yourself


Lastly, I will blog on this site. I will send out updates on the social media channels to let you know. These will be longer thoughts, insights, questions, that I hope will influence and benefit you.

And that’s it. Thanks, for reading and click the links on the bottom of the page to follow us on social!