About The Author

Some years ago, a few friends and I were sitting around, drinking dollar domestic beers, and talking about what to do. We liked Madison but we all confessed we were getting a bit tired of the bar scene (I mean, this was a Monday for crying out loud).

We liked each other's company, but the limited options available made it hard to decide what to do... again.

I remember the conversation clearly and in 2016 an idea came to me. An idea that no one (to my knowledge) has tried before.

I have spent the time in between then and now designing an artsy, entertaining, social option for friends, family, teams, and blind dates.

Creator of Footprint Mysteries Madison

The Ones That Made This Possible

Like many important ventures, this idea could not have been done alone. And lucky for me, a few owners, managers, and decision makers have agreed to be a part of this and I'm very thankful for their ideas, participation, and support.

A big, humble thank you goes out to Rethreads, Madison Modern Market, Anthology, The Soap Opera, The MMOCA Gift Shop, and the Madison Public Library. Please think of them whenever you're searching for a gift for yourself, or someone else.

And Finally...

Chapter 7, The Lost Letter, is hopefully the first of many chapters. It is a story about identity, what's truly valuable, and reconnecting with our past.

I hope you enjoy yourselves and I welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions, scroll through the FAQ page and see if your answer is there. If you can't find what you are looking for there, or if you just want to get in touch, shoot us an email on theĀ Contact page or DM us on social media.