A Crime Mystery Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Madison

Time: 90 minutes ⋅ Open: Mon-Sat ⋅ Groups: 2-5 people

Ages: 13 and up ⋅ Price: $10-15 per person ⋅ Starts at 410 State Street

Can you Solve the Mystery behind 'The Lost Letter'?

  • A Real World Mystery

    An abandoned letter holds the key to a decades-old mystery. Follow the letter to find the hidden clues to the author’s story, his secret, and his plan.

  • Multiple Locations

    Don’t get stuck in one place! This mystery takes you to over a half dozen locations in the downtown Madison area.

  • Friends, Family, and Team Members

    Even Sherlock needed his trusty Watson. So grab a few friends, your quad mates, or an out-of-town relative in for the weekend and get started.

  • Recommended

Early participants gave us a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews!

  • Local Flavor

Our story is only made possible through the partnership with locally-owned businesses in the downtown area.

  • Multiple Group Sizes

We accommodate groups between 2 and 5 people. No matter your size, you will never share your time slot. 

"(5/5 stars) It was like a cross between an escape room and a walking tour... It was a very memorable day all round with something for all ages... From my husband who loves mysteries to my daughter who loves to meet new people, everyone had a great time, and were dying to try another one when this one was solved."
Moy, Google Review

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How it Works

A pair read the strange letter.

Your group gets a mysterious, undelivered letter that contains an urgent, secret message...

The pair are in a store looking for the clues alluded to in the letter.

Following the letter's instructions, your team must find the clues hidden in different stores around State Street...

Footprint Mysteries Madison - Chapter 7, The Lost Letter

Once you find all the clues, you will discover the letter's real meaning and solve the mystery.

Your Mystery Starts Here

Footprint Mysteries Madison, Chapter 7 "The Lost Letter", starts at a boutique, secondhand store called Rethreads located at 410 State Street. If you're going to be driving downtown, 2-hour parking is available on nearby side streets and parking lots. Once at Rethreads, every stop can be reached by walking. 

Footprint Mysteries Madison, An Outdoor Mystery Adventure for Adults

Why is Footprint Mysteries Madison your best choice?

Let me ask you, what’s better than reading a gripping mystery? How about going through one with a friend? It’s in this way that Footprint Mysteries Madison takes the best parts of things we already love and combines them in a fun, sociable way.

We recreate the drama of the stage and movie theater but remove the cramped seating and awkward bathroom breaks. Why spend your  afternoon in a sleepy theater? Go outside and enjoy the day, take a walk, and experience a story inside the unique atmosphere of downtown Madison.

This isn’t another escape room with glued-down props and a dozen padlocks either. Once you have the letter, your group will be on it’s own in downtown Madison. Your group must follow the letter and the subsequent clues your group finds. Each clue will advance the story as well as hint at the ultimate goal and/or where to go next.

Lastly, we strive for everyone to have a good experience. After you book your time, you will be sent a confirmation email containing two important links. One is to a map of the locations you must visit so that there’s no worry about getting lost. The other link is a web page containing hints and answers for all of the clues. That way, you can be sure to find all the answers you need to solve the mystery. We highly encourage participants to have one member of their group have access to this email.

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The Cap Times, Madison Wisconsin
"Footprint Mysterious was a fun, interactive way for my husband and I to explore downtown Madison... We’ve lived here for about 4 years, and Footprint Mysterious brought us to places we’ve never been before. Highly recommend"
Ashley, Yelp Review

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"I believe our happiness is based on the strength of our relationships, and the best way to make our relationships stronger is through shared, meaningful experiences. I hope this can be one of those experiences."

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